Olek's Underwater "Yarn Bomb" May Have Killed Marine Life in Mexico

BOMBS AWAY “Believe it or not, there is a lot of marine life growing, incrusted in the sculpture, and we gather that this has killed it,” he told the Associated Press. The…

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Ale Bremer Upcycles Castoff Materials to Create Mexican-Flavored Jewelry

LOST AND FOUND Even from a young age, Bremer found inspiration in art. While she intended to study graphic design, a stint in metals at the University of Texas at El Paso convinced her…

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Yves Béhar’s DIY Spectacles Help Mexican Students See, Learn Better

We have a lingering suspicion that Yves Béhar is more wizard than designer. After conjuring up the much-heralded $100 child’s laptop in 2006, the Fuseproject founder whipped up a…

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