microplastic pollution

Which Personal-Care Brands Are Still Polluting the Oceans With Microbeads?

Are you polluting the oceans every time you exfoliate? If you’re sloughing off with a product from one of the world’s largest personal-care companies, chances are…

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G-Star Raw, Plastic Soup Foundation Team Up Against Microfiber Pollution in Oceans

Photo by Caleb George/Unsplash G-Star Raw, the Dutch fashion label co-owned by “Happy” hitmaker Pharrell Williams, has teamed up with the Plastic Soup Foundation to…

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Everything You Need to Know About Microbeads in 2 Minutes

Microbeads seem to be in everything- face wash, makeup and soaps, but did you know they are also clogging our waterways? The teeny tiny bits of plastic appear in many of our personal…

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Plastic "Microbeads" From Beauty Products Are Polluting Waterways

Your face scrub may be great for your skin, but the plastic beads found in many products are causing serious damage in our nation’s waterways. The tiny plastic pieces are small enough…

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One-Third of English Channel Fish Show Rayon, Polyester Contamination

Photo by Shutterstock Roughly a third of fish caught off the southwest coast of England show traces of “microplastic” contamination from synthetic clothing fibers, polyester…

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Is Synthetic Clothing Causing "Microplastic" Pollution in Our Oceans?

Think of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and visions of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch invariably come to mind. But an emerging breed of “microplastics,”…

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