military surplus

Francli Craftwear: Rugged Workwear Made From Salvaged Materials

REMADE IN BRITAIN “We use salvaged and recycled materials because it makes sense to utilize the vast amounts of perfectly functional materials that are currently being thrown…

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Station Supply Turns Reclaimed Fire Hoses, Life Rafts Into Gadget Skins

No need to hold the phone; Station Supply has the gadget protection you crave. The Los Angeles-based firm uses tried-and-tested materials, including retired fire hoses, reclaimed life…

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Sword & Plough Hires Veterans to Repurpose Military Surplus Into Bags

As an ROTC member studying at Middlebury College in Vermont, Emily Nunez found it difficult to relate to her classmates her commitment to the military. In an effort to bridge the divide…

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14 Ways to Green the Military Fashion Trend

ARMIED AND DANGEROUS If you’ve been raring to add a regimental touch to your closet, we’ve got your six. Click through our slideshow above for 14 military-inspired…

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