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IStyleMyself: Smartphone App Helps You Create Outfits à la "Clueless"

A closet full of clothes, and yet nothing to wear – a first world problem for sure, but one that could make you late for work. Now a new app called IStyleMyself will make up…

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NASA Scientist Wants to Help You Find a Bra That Actually Fits

ThirdLove, a technology-based fashion brand, has recently released the beta version of their new mobile app that allows consumers to use pictures taken with an iPhone to buy bras and…

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Durated's E-Commerce Platform Tracks Products From Cradle to Grave

Do you know how that dress, sustainable or not, got to you and the many people it took to create it? Durated wants you to. With total transparency from cradle to grave, the founders of…

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Handyscope is a Smartphone Body Scanner That Checks for Skin Cancer

When you think your mole has grown or a spot emerges on your skin, it’s best to get into your doctor right away to get it checked out. But getting an appointment that isn’t…

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"AirWaves" Face Mask Filters Pollution, Crowdsources Air-Quality Data

We’ve all seen the recent reports of the off-the-charts air pollution in China. The horrific air quality has prompted many Chinese to wear air pollution masks at all times and…

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