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Patagonia Offers Free Repairs on Nationwide "Worn Wear" Mobile Tour

WORN AGAIN The mobile repair shop, which comes with an industrial Juki sewing machine, will be open to anyone who brings in a garment, no matter what the brand. Besides educating…

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Arden Reed's "Tailor Truck" Uses 3D Scanning to Create Bespoke Suits

‘Get The Bond Look.’ Arden Reed’s eye catching tag line is bound to draw in the customers, but it is their mobile tailoring service doing the rounds in New York city that will…

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La Poubelle Offers Vintage Clothing From a Refurbished Trailer in Brooklyn

STANDING OUT What first attracted you to vintage and secondhand fashion? I loved the thrill of the hunt, and also finding things that no one else had. I was very into fashion growing up…

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Driving Trend: Mobile Fashion Trucks Take Clothing Racks to the Streets

HAUTE WHEELS With the low overhead, freedom to roam, and use of social media as the primary form of marketing, it’s no surprise that “boutiques on wheels” are a…

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