Freitag's Compostable "F-abric" Clothing Line Combines Form, Function

FINE FABRIC All the resources that go into F-abric are grown on European soil without harming it or demanding excessive amounts of water, according to the firm. Looks like Freitag…

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Umasan: Sustainable, Vegan Fashion for the Avant-Garde Androgyne

How did you form Umasan? Where did the concept come from? Our demand, and at the same time our motivation, was to create a line that transcends the production of clothing and…

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Eileen Fisher, Patagonia Pledge to Protect Endangered Forests

Did a tree die for your yoga pants? If you’re a fan of asana-friendly cellulosics such as rayon, viscose, and modal, chances are high that someone logged an endangered forest so…

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With Cost of Cotton Rising, Designers Turn to Blended Alternatives

Photo by Thomas Euler The latest trend to emerge from Paris has less to do with hemlines and everything with the soaring cost of raw cotton, according to a report by Women’s Wear…

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Hayley Starr's "Fancy": One Dress, Over a Hundred Ways to Wear It

Recession, schmecession: Why settle for one dress when you can get a hundred? With Hayley Starr’s new Fancy dress, which drapes, twists, and cinches in myriad ways to produce more…

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For Australia's Sosume Clothing, 4 Eco-Designers Are Better Than 1

Not one but four designers man the helm of Sosume Clothing, a nascent Australian eco-fashion label that started with one Melbourne chap but grew to include another Aussie and a pair of…

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