modular clothing

Can Modular Design Teach Us to Love Our Clothes Longer?

Rhiannon Hunt is one of a new breed of designer who wants to stem the epidemic of “fast fashion.” The winner of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan’s inaugural…

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Atelier Laure Paschoud's Modular Clothing Lets You Customize Your Look

The driving force behind Laure Paschoud’s collections for her label, Atelier Laure Paschoud, is the ability for each piece to tell a story. Whether inspired by a concept, like…

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Modular "Pack" System Disassembles, Reassembles Into Myriad Carryalls

PACK IT IN Pack’s modularity, according to Verspoor, challenges the finite lifespan of textile products. “Each of the Pack components is made of one material and has one…

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Loomstate's Reversible, Rotatable "321" Garments Offer Multiple Options

ON YOUR MARK “We want to reinvent the way women think about their clothes,” Gregory, who cites the paintings of Mark Rothko and… …

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Blessus: Modular Clothing You Can Customize With Concealed Zippers

BLESSUS IS MORE Blessus was founded by a pair of designers—Michael Hekmat and Marta Matuszewska—and an economist, Marcin Korytowski. The trio’s goal is to create clothing for…

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Dutch Designers' Modular "Fragmented Textiles" are Like Lego for Fashion

Here’s another eco-fashion innovation that is both puzzling and promising: “Fragmented” clothing that features customizable snap-on pieces, requires no sewing, and…

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