modular shoes

Veerah's Multifunctional Vegan Shoes Are "Inspired by Women, Made for Warriors"

COMFY LUXE With a name that means “warrior” in Sanskrit, Veerah’s mission is to offer luxury shoes that women can not only feel good about buying but wearing, as…

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Mods: Modular, Sustainable Footwear That Reduces Landfill Waste

DESIGN FOR DISASSEMBLY “Mods,” his submission, comprises better-for-the-planet fibers such as bamboo, for the toe box and elastic wires and bands; wool, for an insulated,…

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Alice: A Modular, Zero-Waste Shoe Grown From Fungus

JE SUIS ALICE “As trendsetters, the high-fashion industry should be searching for solutions,” Peters, a 15-year industry veteran who has worked with the likes of Dries Van Noten…

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Made of Regenerated Leather, Dooq Sandals Are Endlessly Customizable

For the lady who changes her mind on a dime, there’s Dooq, a line of “fully transformable” sandals you can customize in virtually unlimited ways. Almost everyone tires…

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"Ze o Ze" Modular Shoes Let You Swap Components for Different Looks

We’ve seen a number of modular shoe designs pop up over the past couple of years, but none are quite as polished as the “Ze o Ze” by Israeli industrial designer…

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