multipurpose fashion

Dutch Designer Turns Festival Tents Into "Sheltersuits" for the Homeless

Abandoned tents, a post-revel scourge at music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, could soon find new life as weather-resistant coats that convert into sleeping bags for the…

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Repurpose's Solar-Powered Schoolbags Do More Than Carry Stuff

CARRY ON Another upside of using plastic? The bags are waterproof. (“There’s nothing worse than wet books,” notes the duo.) And since aesthetics played a huge role from…

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Here's the Bluetooth-Enabled Handset Glove You Didn't Ask For

HOLD THE PHONE Produced by Hi Fun, an accessories firm based in Italy, the Hi Call features a tiny speaker in the thumb of the left glove and a mini-microphone in its pinkie. It’s…

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Creative Recreation’s 3-in-1 Boot Goes From Bootie to Over-the-Knee

From short to tall, tall to Redwood proportions, Creative Recreation’s new three-in-one boot design is customizable eco-chic. Available later this month, the Moretina Hi fetches a…

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