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VIDEO: Miz Mooz's Selfie-Taking Shoe Proves That the End is Nigh

April Fool’s must have come early for Miz Mooz, a New York-based footwear retailer that wants to help you get a leg up—literally!—on your selfie game. Its so-called…

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Clad in E-Ink, the "Volvorii" Smart Shoe Changes Colors, Patterns

New e-ink technology is could drastically decrease your shoe closet with instant color changes through smart shoes imbedded with wearable technology. The Volvorri smart shoe by iShüu…

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Insulated Sleeping Bag Expands Into a Mobile Shelter for the Homeless

Last October, Carnegie Mellon University charged its students to devise temporary, economically viable shelters for housing some of the 578,424 homeless people living in the United…

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Repurpose's Solar-Powered Schoolbags Do More Than Carry Stuff

CARRY ON Another upside of using plastic? The bags are waterproof. (“There’s nothing worse than wet books,” notes the duo.) And since aesthetics played a huge role from…

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