Mushroom-Infused Burial Suit Helps the Body Naturally Decompose

For the human body, death is only the beginning. These meat sacks of ours are hothouses of chemicals, and not just the good kind. Pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals, and other…

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This Biodegradable Wedding Gown Was Grown From Fungus, Compost

“Grow your own” takes on a new meaning with scientific artist Erin Smith’s home-grown wedding gown. Made from tree mulch and white fungus mycelium, Smith decided to make a…

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PHOTOS: Oklahoma Artist on a Mission to Knit, Catalog 52 Forms of Fungi

MAGIC MUSHROOMS For Martin, mimicking Mother Nature in all her colorful, diverse glory is more than a test of her skills; it’s also an exercise in individual growth. “[The…

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