Nanette Lepore

Rebecca Minkoff, Nanette Lepore Turn Crayons Into Couture

OUTSIDE THE LINES The crayon creations are currently on display at Bloomingdale’s Manhattan locations, where shoppers will soon be able to buy ready-to-wear fabric versions.…

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Is New York City's Garment Center Worth Saving?

At this very moment, thousands of people in Midtown Manhattan are designing and manufacturing apparel all within a 10-block radius in New York City’s Garment Center. The innovation,…

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7 Eco-Friendly One-Piece Swimsuits to Dive Into Summer

SUNO LIKE IT HOT Stitched in New York City from Kenyan-made fabrics, Suno’s ruffled one-piece is certainly no wilting wallflower. Bright yellow stripes festooned with rosettes…

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8 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know Were Made in the U.S.A.

HOME OF THE BRAVE In the swinging ’60s, 95 percent of clothing sold in America were made in America, according to PBS. Fast-forward 50 years and that number now floats at 5…

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