Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Persists in Selling Real Fur as "Faux"

The Humane Society of the United States has accused Neiman Marcus of violating an agreement not to sell “faux fur” products containing actual animal fur. In a complaint…

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3D-Printed Silver, Stainless Steel Jewelry Available at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is pushing technology as well as fashion, by adding two 3D printed products to their catalog. In a partnership with Shapeways, the retailer will offer customers an…

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What Possessed Tom Ford to Design a $1,660 Purse Made of Skunk Fur?

Tom Ford’s latest handbag really stinks, and we don’t mean that in just the figurative sense. Clad in the carcass of a hapless skunk, the furry black-and-white number…

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Christian Louboutin Makes $1,095 Shoe From Recycled Trash

Would you pay a grand for a shoe made of trash? Well, you might if it sports Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole. Available at Neiman Marcus for no less than $1,095, the luxury…

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