New Balance

MIT is Turning Living Bacteria Into Self-Ventilating Activewear

RESPONSIVE FASHION Yao and her “BioLogic” team refer to the natto cells as “living actuators”—motors that are grown rather than manufactured. In a later…

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New Balance Creates NewSky Sneaker From 95% Recycled Plastic Bottles

BALANCING ACT Because the recycled fabric behaved differently from typical footwear material, New Balance designers Christine Hall and Drew Spieth had to make adjustments to accommodate…

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Target, Gap, Walmart, H&M, Patagonia Launch Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Photo by thinkretail A consortium of manufacturing and retail giants, non-governmental organizations, academic experts, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are banding together…

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Alice Silverstone Clues Us In, Parachute Ponchos, Heartless Designers

Actress Alicia Silverstone names her favorite eco-designers. Here’s a hint: One of them begins with “Stella” and ends with “McCartney.” (EcoStiletto) He…

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