New Orleans

Torchbearers: Hand-Forged Jewelry That Honors Gulf Coast Oystermen

PRESERVING TRADITION Lyons says the jewelry has several purposes beyond the aesthetic. The first is awareness. “Each piece in the Torchbearers Collection is meant to start a…

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9 Eco-Fashionable Garments Inspired by Architecture

Fashion and architecture are more than casual acquaintances. Both disciplines entail filling voids with contours, swoops, and planes, albeit on markedly different scales. Sometimes,…

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CrOp by David Peck Celebrates New Orleans' Resilience for Spring 2012

CRESCENT RISING Although not a New Orleans resident himself—Peck hails from Houston—but the designer was immediately drawn to the historic city. This isn’t the first time…

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LiaMolly Wants to Bring Knitwear Manufacturing Back to the United States

COMING HOME Sudan’s love affair with knitting began when she was just 9 years old, and that passion continues to burn strong today. “I was lucky to know what I wanted to do with…

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