Nokia's Wireless Charging Trousers Power Up Your Phone on the Go

Nokia, in collaboration with British designer A. Sauvage, just dreamed up a pair of wireless charging trousers that will juice up your phone when it’s in one of the pockets. The…

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Is Nokia Planning Magnetic Tattoos That Vibrate When Someone Calls?

Crazy as it may sound, Nokia may be developing magnetic tattoos that vibrate whenever someone calls or texts—that is, if the Finnish communications company makes good on its patent…

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Vuzix's "Smart" Sunglasses Merge Virtual Information With Real World

Augmented reality—the ability to superimpose virtual data onto real-world environments—is appealing in theory, but typical head-mounted displays have the subtlety of a sledgehammer…

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Nokia's Stretchy Electronic "Skin" Paves Way For High-Tech Wearables

You may already consider your smartphone or e-reader an extension of your person, but a literal second skin? Don’t perish the thought just yet. Researchers at Nokia and the…

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