Nolcha Fashion Week

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds Crafts One-of-a-Kind Jewelry With a Mythic Bent

Tell us more about your brand and what inspired you to start it? My eponymous brand is a couture jewelry company that specializes in extraordinary jewelry for extraordinary women. In…

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Minan Wong Brings Recycled Fabrics, Feminine Designs to NY Fashion Week

During a snowy, bitter-cold New York Fashion Week, the Nolcha Shows “Ones to Watch” heated up the runway, spotlighting a selection of Made in the USA fashion brands and student work…

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Nolcha Fashion Week Brings Green Designers to New York Fashion Week

Arrum Lilly Swaziland-based Arrum Lilly‘s colorful patchwork aesthetic is a happy byproduct of the recycled materials mixed into the line. Designer Tanya Aab collects upholstery…

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Carrie Parry’s Spring 2012 Line Channels French Films of Jean-Luc Godard

CITY OF LIGHTS Parry borrowed cues from classic Parisian style, as well as the romance and whimsy of Godard’s early 1960s films, particularly A Woman is a Woman. And while their…

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Tami B's Eco-Swimsuits Heat Up New York Fashion Week

Photo by Fashion Stock Swimsuit weather may be fading fast, but Tami B’s skimpy warm-weather duds sizzled on the catwalk of Nolcha Fashion Week nonetheless, with iridescent…

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