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Which Personal-Care Brands Are Still Polluting the Oceans With Microbeads?

Are you polluting the oceans every time you exfoliate? If you’re sloughing off with a product from one of the world’s largest personal-care companies, chances are…

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Your Favorite Wrinkle Cream Might be Raising Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Photo by Shutterstock America’s obsession with youth has consumers crazed for anti-aging products, but new studies reveal what could be slowing down your wrinkles, could be linked to…

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Everything You Need to Know About Microbeads in 2 Minutes

Microbeads seem to be in everything- face wash, makeup and soaps, but did you know they are also clogging our waterways? The teeny tiny bits of plastic appear in many of our personal…

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Avon to Phase Out Toxic Chemical Triclosan From Cosmetics

Avon announced this week  that it will begin to phase out triclosan from their roster of products. The antimicrobial agent can be fond in many health and beauty products, and has been…

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Cosmetics Firms Avoid Toxins Disclosure by Filing "Trade Secret" Status

Photo by Shutterstock Twenty-two cosmetics companies are attempting to foil the new California Safe Cosmetics Program Database by applying for trade secret status to cover up revealing…

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Your Feminine-Care Products Might Be Trying to Kill You, Says Study

Photo by Shutterstock The Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) have issued a new report that uncovers potentially dangerous chemicals in common feminine products. The Chem Fatale report…

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