nontoxic dyeing

Serpent & Bow's Myth-Inspired Indigo-Dyed Garments Are Mesmerizing

Serpent & Bow use sustainably sourced fabrics and natural dyes such as indigo to create these handcrafted textiles and fashion items that evoke mythical mer-people. Founded by…

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Muji Bankrolls Eco-Friendly Dyeing Plant in Cambodia

Muji has announced the development of an eco-friendly natural-dye plant in Cambodia as part of its commitment to the Business Call to Action, a global initiative to “accelerate…

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Colorant's Naturally Plant-Dyed Cashmere Knits are Beautiful to Behold

BACK TO BASICS The textile industry typically relies on a suite of synthetic dyes to ensure consistency and fastness of color. It also consumes a tremendous amount of water—as much as…

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Nike Partners With DyeCoo to Broaden Waterless Dyeing Technology

Nike is linking arms with DyeCoo Textile Systems, the Netherlands-based company that built the first commercial waterless textile-dyeing machine, an announcement notes on Tuesday. The…

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