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Top 7 WTF Fashion, Beauty Stories of 2015 (Vote for the Most Deplorable)

For more reasons to clutch your head like a stunned monkey, check out the worst stories of 2014…

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Fire Retardants Might Be Entering Your Body Through Your Nail Polish

Photo by Shutterstock A new study from Duke University and the Environmental Working Group has revealed the presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in popular nail polishes.…

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Say What? Neon Nail Polish is Technically Illegal in United States

Photo by Shutterstock Neon manicures aren’t just controversial, they could also be illegal—and we don’t mean in the “crime of fashion” sense. The reason?…

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Calif. Regulators Find Dangerous Chemicals in "Nontoxic" Nail Polishes

Photo by Shutterstock Your so-called three-free nail polish may not be all that cracked up to be, according to California state regulators, who discovered that many polishes claiming…

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Sheswai's Nontoxic Nail Polish is Naturally Glamorous (The Woodsy Packaging is a Plus!)

It’s tough to be a nail-polish addict and an eco-friendly consumer, but Sheswai, a line of tip tints by former nail stylist Debbie Leavitt, makes it less of a chore. Ranging from…

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