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Top 7 Eco-Fashion Milestones of 2015 (Vote for Most Game-Changing)

Feeling nostalgic? Skip back a year for 10 of the most revolutionary eco-fashion stories of 2014… …

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Nordic Countries Launch Action Plan for Sustainable Fashion

TRUE NORTH The textile industry is one of the most resource-consuming sectors in the world, Brosbøl said, noting that a Nordic citizen’s annual consumption of textiles uses more…

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Copenhagen Fashion Summit Ends With a Sustainable Runway Show

RUNWAY TO GREEN Sponsored by H&M, the runway showcased 15 Nordic fashion houses—both emerging and established—including Norrback, Ivana Helsinki, Marimekko, Ásta Creative…

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Copenhagen Fashion Summit Hammers Out Industry "Code of Conduct"

When the Nordic fashion industry sought to devise a set of socio-environmental guidelines for apparel and textile businesses, it turned to the UN Global Compact for inspiration. Using…

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UN Global Compact Launches First Industry-Specific Initiative for Fashion

As the impact of climate change becomes more difficult to ignore, advocates for a more sustainable fashion industry are finally getting the legitimacy they seek. The United Nations…

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Sustainable Fashion Takes to the Runway at UN Climate Talks

While delegates from 192 countries convened in Copenhagen to hammer out a new climate-change treaty, the fashion industry had a group huddle of its own about the state of the planet on…

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