North Carolina

Watch "Cotton Road," a Film About How Our Clothes Are Made

Live in or around New York City? You’re cordially invited to a Jan. 7, 2015 screening of Cotton Road, a documentary that explores the global cotton supply chain through the eyes…

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Loomstate Touts Most "Transparent" Cotton T-Shirt in America

COTTONING ON Millions of pounds of cottonseed are incorporated into our favorite foods every year, Godfrey says. “People ask us almost every day, ‘Why should I care about organic…

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Dirtball Wants to Make Jeans in the U.S.A. Using Recycled Water Bottles

Jeans are a wardrobe staple; who doesn’t have at least a pair or two (or five)? But in addition to being popular, traditional jeans also happen to be pretty bad for the…

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Ploughboy Organics Turns Tobacco Waste Into Nontoxic Textiles, Dyes

Tobacco, as it turns out, is good for more than a smoke. According to one North Carolina company, the plant can also be harnessed as a sustainable, cost-effective resource for the…

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TS Designs Makes T-Shirts From North Carolina's First Commercially Grown Certified-Organic Cotton

Photo by Shutterstock It’s taken years of plotting and planting, but Cotton of Carolinas is finally reaping the fruits of its labor: T-shirts spun with North Carolina’s…

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14 American Designers Tell Us What "Made in the U.S.A." Means to Them

BRITT HOWARD (PORTLAND GARMENT FACTORY) Made in America means considering the entire creative process from concept to production. Being conscience of the true impact manufacturing has…

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