This Biodegradable Wedding Gown Was Grown From Fungus, Compost

“Grow your own” takes on a new meaning with scientific artist Erin Smith’s home-grown wedding gown. Made from tree mulch and white fungus mycelium, Smith decided to make a…

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This 3D-Printed Bustier Turns Transparent Every Time You Tweet

What if every time you revealed personal information about yourself, a piece of your clothing was torn off, so that the more your share, the more you are exposed? That’s the…

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This High-Tech Hoodie Sends Text Messages Using Simple Gestures

Roll up your sleeve to send a message that you’re busy or touch your hood to let someone know you’re thinking about them. While discreet, these movements convey real meaning…

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NYU Students Launch "Sloth," a Campus Thrift Store to Slow Consumption

Thrift stores abound across the United States, but Sloth has aspirations beyond buying and selling secondhand clothes. Based in New York University, the campus-run outfit is the…

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When Life Hands You Expired Condoms, Make a Dress!

When New York University student Emma Kaywin realized that a pile of expired condoms from her HIV Hotline internship were going to the landfill, she asked if she could use them for an…

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NYC EVENT: NYU Gallatin Eco-Fashion Week

Save the dates for a dynamic line-up of informative lectures and panels, roundtable discussions, educational workshops, presentations, art installations, and fashion shows that will…

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