odor control

Organic-Cotton Undies Fight Odor, Bacteria With Silver Technology

Organic Basics is fighting the funk in your trunk, one pair of undies at a time. The Danish apparel company has developed a line of organic-cotton boxer briefs that keeps your nether…

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Tahaanga's Sustainable Dress Shirts Claim to be World's Fastest Drying

New apparel brand Tahaanga is dedicated to producing cool and functional garments for men with a commitment to sustainability. While the collection is designed in New York, all the…

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The Wool Runners: "No Sock, No Smell" Sneakers Made From Wool

For all eco-conscious runners out there here is a fantastic invention that will help keep your hard-worn sneakers odor-free. Introducing Wool Runners, strong shoe upper designs created…

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Shreddies' Flatulence-Neutralizing Undies Let You "Fart With Confidence"

While farting in public is considered a serious social faux pas, sometimes you just have to let her rip no matter how many people you may harm in the process. But fear not, now…

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Cornell Student Develops Clothing That Traps Toxic Gases, Odors

Say goodbye to the bulky, duckbilled respirators of yore. Gas masks of the future will be as thin as cloth, according to textile scientists at Cornell University. Senior apparel-design…

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