oil spills

Low-Grade Cotton Offers Effective, Eco-Friendly Way to Absorb Oil Spills

Photo by Shutterstock Although it is painful to think about the potential for future oil spills, the reality is that disasters like Deepwater Horizon can still occur. Prevention of oil…

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World's First Magnetic Soap Could Revolutionize Oil-Spill Cleanups

Scientists from Bristol University in the United Kingdom have discovered a way to clean up oil spills without leaving behind a mass of suds. Derived from iron-rich salts dissolved in…

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BirdProject's Bird-Shaped Soaps Remind Us Gulf Spill Cleanup Isn't Over

When the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened over a year ago, Brooklyn resident Tippy Tippens was confronted with horrifying images of the animals caught in its wake. Her background in…

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“Oil Spill” Jewelry by Golfo Collection Reflects Price of Human Greed

Have oil spills gone hip? First, Italian Vogue recreated the devastation for an artsy photo spread. Then, Bed Stü launched a line of oil-splotched shoes that called attention to Gulf…

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Lend Your Locks, Used Pantyhose to Help Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

Gulf of Mexico oil spill getting you down? Time for a hair cut. While it may seem like a harebrained scheme at first blush, hair clippings make remarkably quick work of sopping up oil.…

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