Ralph Lauren's Biometric-Sensing "PoloTech" Shirt Now on Sale

Ralph Lauren tested out its new smart workout shirt at the 2014 U.S. Open on ball boys and now they are releasing the PoloTech shirt to the public. Combining smart electronic textiles,…

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At U.S. Open, Ralph Lauren's "Polo Tech" Shirt Monitors Wearer's Vitals

TENNIS, ANYONE? The form-fitting shirt features Ralph Lauren’s distinctive polo player—in bright yellow, no less—on its chest. Less visible are the silver-coated conductive…

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OMSignal's Biometric-Sensing Workout Clothes Keep Your Vitals in Check

Forget your activity tracker band – just integrate the sensors right into your workout shirt for no-fuss and accurate biometrics monitoring. That’s the principle behind…

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