organic undies

Norway's Armed Forces Get Organic-Cotton Undies

Norway’s soldiers are getting some brand new undies—and they’re eco-friendly, to boot. The Norwegian Armed Forces has placed a massive order of some 50,000 organic-cotton…

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Brook There: Locally Sourced Organic Lingerie, Made in the United States

Brook There is a homegrown lingerie company that specializes in eco-friendly underwear that is organic and sustainably sourced. The designs are simple and elegant, but most importantly…

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GIVEAWAY: Win $150 Worth of Organic Cotton Undies From PACT!

Underpants can do more than keep your nethers tethered and chafe-free. PACT’s caused-related organic skivvies also conserve forests (ForestEthics), protect oceans (Oceana),…

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College Activists Strip Down to PACT's "Beyond Coal" Eco-Undies, Kick Ash With the Sierra Club

College students across America are exposing themselves to expose the evils of coal-derived energy. From Miami University of Ohio to the University of North Texas, Sierra Club Student…

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Buy a Pair of PACT's "Winter Lights" Undies, Send a Solar Lantern to Haiti

Light up your night—and help a community in need—with a pair of sustainable skivvies from PACT’s new “Winter Lights” collection. Designed by industrial-design…

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GIVEAWAY: PACT Organic Cotton Undies for Eco-Lovers (Worth $42!)

Wondering what to get for your hunny this Valentine’s Day? Well, nothing hints at romance quite like a pair of red-hot eco-undies—it’s like a come-hither look in a box!…

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