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31 Bits: Exquisite Recycled Paper Jewelry, Made by Ugandan Artisans

PAPER CHASERS The artisans behind 31 Bits repurpose paper from posters, advertisements, and even textbook pages, which they tear into long strips, roll into tight beads, and then coat…

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Urban Kraft Puts a Chic, Urban Twist on the Brown Paper Bag

PAPER FASHION Aesthetics aside, Urban Kraft underscores the bags’ “indestructibility” as their defining feature. Despite the lightweight construction, each carryall is…

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Artist Lacy Barry Crafts Extravagant Headpieces Out of Colorful Paper

Barry has traveled the globe bringing her paper craft to art and fashion lovers everywhere, having had studios in London, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal and now Berlin. Although she…

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Altanus Introduces "Patch," the World's First Biodegradable Paper Watch

Easy, tiger. Put your wrists where we can see them and step away from the Silly Bandz, nice and slow. Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus has a more creative solution for accessorizing with…

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Jeremy Mays Makes Literary Jewelry From Cross-Sections of Old Books

WELL-READ For artist (and landscape architect) Jeremy Mays, printing words on paper is only the inaugural manifestation of the author’s ideas and vision. Once discarded and…

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Nel Linssen's Sculpted Paper Jewelry Offers Mathematical Perfection

Nel Linssen’s paper-craft jewelry may look disarmingly simple, but the Dutch designer’s crisp collars and razor-edged bracelets are anything but child’s play. Inspired…

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