paper jewelry

31 Bits: Exquisite Recycled Paper Jewelry, Made by Ugandan Artisans

PAPER CHASERS The artisans behind 31 Bits repurpose paper from posters, advertisements, and even textbook pages, which they tear into long strips, roll into tight beads, and then coat…

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Jeremy Mays Makes Literary Jewelry From Cross-Sections of Old Books

WELL-READ For artist (and landscape architect) Jeremy Mays, printing words on paper is only the inaugural manifestation of the author’s ideas and vision. Once discarded and…

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Nel Linssen's Sculpted Paper Jewelry Offers Mathematical Perfection

Nel Linssen’s paper-craft jewelry may look disarmingly simple, but the Dutch designer’s crisp collars and razor-edged bracelets are anything but child’s play. Inspired…

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Tine De Ruysser Makes Fabulous Origami Jewelry Out of Banknotes

The next time someone tells you to show ’em the money, turn them on to Tine De Ruysser’s artfully folded origami necklaces and bracelets—made from actual banknotes.…

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