Paper No. 9

7 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Alternatives to Animal Leather

BETTER “LEATHERS” 1. Barkcloth 2. Cork 3. Recycled Ultrasuede 4. Glazed Cotton 5. Paper 6. Recycled PET Polyester 7. Degradable Polyurethane PUT A CORK IN IT Cork…

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Sylvia Heisel, Paper No. 9's Paper Dress Wears Off to Reveal Hidden Quotes

Photos by Deborah Feingold “Ready to wear” means one thing in the fashion world, and quite another for designer Sylvia Heisel and Brooklyn accessories label Paper No. 9.…

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Paper No. 9's Faux-Leather Accessories Are Made of Cardboard, Not Cows

The Model Citizens show during New York Design Week unearthed another gem: Paper No.9, a Brooklyn company that designs stylish, cruelty-free bags and accessories. At first glance, its…

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