Pauline van Dongen

Top 7 Wearable Technology Innovations of 2015 (Vote for the Coolest!)

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Pauline van Dongen's Solar Parka Thrives Among Nature's Elements

SOLAR PARKA The jacket incorporates a single thin, flexible, and waterproof solar panel on one of its front pockets. Manufactured by AltaDevices, the photovoltaic cells generate enough…

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"Ruff" is a 3D-Printed Responsive Collar With a Life of Its Own

Ruff is a new 3D printed responsive collar by Pauline van Dongen, who is pushing the forefront of wearables. Working with architect Behnaz Farahi, the two crafted flexible wearables…

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Pauline van Dongen's "Solar Shirt" is a Chic Phone Charger You Wear

SOLAR FASHION But cellphones aren’t the only things the Solar Shirt can keep humming. Van Dongen’s garment can also juice up MP3 players, cameras, Global Positioning System…

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Vigour: A Rehabilitative "Smart" Cardigan for Geriatric Patients

INVISIBLE TECH The Vigour’s unassuming appearance is key to making it palatable to a wider audience, since its familiar look and feel comforts rather than intimidates. (Thanks to…

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Solar Power Goes Couture With Pauline van Dongen's Avant-Garde Wearables

POWER SUITS Van Dongen says her designs mimic human skin cells, which show a similar layering. Some of the modules contain up to 48 flexible solar cells, enough to restore a typical…

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