Your Knock-Off Designer Perfume Could Contain Antifreeze, Urine

Photo by Jessica Walker/Unsplash Buyer beware: Unscrupulous businesses are passing off urine, antifreeze, and other “unpleasant, flammable, or dangerous chemicals that burn when…

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MCMC's Brooklyn-Crafted Fragrances Benefit Volunteer Groups in Need

Although the inspiration for her scents comes from all over Anne’s life, she is especially inspired by volunteer experiences.   Anne explains that “this drive led me to create…

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Edible "Perfume Candy" Promises to Make Your Skin Smell Like Roses

Think of Deo Perfume Candy as a breath mint for your entire body. A collaboration between Beneo, an American nutrition company, and Bulgarian candy-maker Alpi, the stink-fighting…

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New Hampshire Considers Perfume Ban for State Employees

New Hampshire, whose state motto is “live free or die,” has a new champion in state representative Michele Peckham, who thinks that her constituents should live free of the…

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