Everyday Chemical Exposures May Lead to Early Menopause, Says Study

Photo by Shutterstock Concerned about early menopause? Endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in everyday personal-care and household products, such as soap, nail polish, and perfume,…

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Mango, Esprit Pledge to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals From Clothing by 2020

Greenpeace’s “Detox” campaign is having a banner month. Not only did the environmental nonprofit convince Zara, the world’s No. 1 apparel retailer, to commit to…

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Greenpeace Detects Toxic Chemicals in Popular Outerwear Brands

Photo by Shutterstock Wide-open vistas are frequently used to advertise outdoor clothing, yet the toxins many weather-resistant fabrics contain may actually be detrimental to nature and…

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6 Toxic Ingredients You Should Avoid in Cosmetics

TOXIC BEAUTY 1. Talc 2. Parabens 3. Propylene glycol 4. Mineral oil 5. Sodium lauryl sulfate 6. Phthalates …

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