planned obsolescence

Tom Cridland's Organic Sweatshirt Will Last 30 Years—Guaranteed

MADE TO LAST Cridland, whose eponymous trousers, launched in 2014, have been spotted on celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig, wants to harken back to the days when…

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Vanessa Friedman: "Driving Force of Fashion is Planned Obsolescence"

The phrase “sustainable fashion” isn’t just a contradiction in terms, declared New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman last Thursday, it also doesn’t make…

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Flint and Tinder's American-Made Hoodie Comes With 10-Year Guarantee

There’s a reason why we have antique stores: stuff used to be made to last. Things have long shifted, however, in favor of a manufacturing business model known as “planned…

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