plant clothing

This Sprout-Covered Vest is a Chia Pet You Can Wear

BETTER TOGETHER To create her vest, Esponette laid out cut pieces of muslin on a foam mannequin that she saturated with water. She then planted the chia seeds, which germinated into…

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Christophe Guinet Recreates Batman Suit...Out of Tree Bark

BARK KNIGHT Guinet’s Sous le masque et la cape was on display this past month at La Maison Muller. The event, which celebrated the launch of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game,…

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Portland Farmer Jacinda Martinez Turns Vegetables Into Edible Fashion

Artist and designer Jacinda Martinez began playing with her food to make bold and beautiful statements about slow fashion, in a beautiful series she calls Fashion in the Raw. Based on…

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Nicole Dextras Turns Foliage Into Compostable "Little Green Dresses"

Dextras expertly weaves palms and leaves to create gorgeous bodices. Bark pieces are stitched together to form pencil skirts, while wild grasses jut into full skirts on others. Berries…

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Egle Cekanaviciute's Plant-Filled Couture Doubles As Wearable Planters

ORGANIC FASHION When asked about her inspiration, Cekanaviciute offered a poem by way of explanation: “A seed can’t help but rise up from the darkness where it lays. It has…

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Dave Rittinger’s Zero-Footprint Leaf T-Shirts Make Like a Tree

Next time you want to “leaf” a lasting impression on a date, why not follow artist Dave Rittinger’s lead and wear a shirt made entirely from leaves? (Please…

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