Settle Down With Poketo's Line of Carryalls, Made From Upcycled Sofas!

HAVE A SEAT Poketo’s all-leather, all-upcycled line is accented with neutral tones like cream and brown in a variety of textures. No serviceable sofas were harmed in the…

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Poketo Introduces Upcycled-Leather Totes, Backpacks, Purses

From bags made with recycled suit jackets to rescued street-banner carryalls, it’s obvious that the creative minds at Poketo have a yen for reinvention. Its latest makeover…

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Poketo's Recycled Suit Tote Takes the Menswear Trend Literally

From Poketo comes a way to look crisp and buttoned up without feeling overdressed. Its freshly minted Recycled Suit Tote, a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition bag made from—you guessed…

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