Patrycja Guzik's "Heavenly" Upcycled Garments Are Shelters You Can Wear

HEAVEN-SENT Texture and color played key roles in Guzik’s pieces, which she assembled from secondhand wool sweaters, damaged garments, and other unwanted textiles from fabric…

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Brainwave-Monitoring Sleep Mask Helps You Snooze More Efficiently

A new sleep mask could help you get more done on less hours of sleep and still feel fully rested. For those of you who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get…

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Giant Astronaut Suit Hosts Fashion Show Inspired by Soviet Space Program

This amazing installation is a giant replica of a space suit, the garment worn by the first woman in space, the Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Mother Earth Sister Moon is the…

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Blessus: Modular Clothing You Can Customize With Concealed Zippers

BLESSUS IS MORE Blessus was founded by a pair of designers—Michael Hekmat and Marta Matuszewska—and an economist, Marcin Korytowski. The trio’s goal is to create clothing for…

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