On Black Friday, Greenpeace Calls for a "Fast Fashion" Time-Out

Greenpeace wants to call a time-out on “fast fashion.” In a report published on the eve of Black Friday, the post-Thanksgiving sales extravaganza that serves as the…

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Toxic Chemicals Linger in Clothing—Even Organic-Cotton Ones

Photo by Shutterstock Our clothing is crawling with hinky chemicals. Some slough off in the wash, eventually entering—and later polluting—aquatic environments. Others, a new study…

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Japanese Scientists Create World's First Renewable, Bio-Based Polyester

The days of Tony Manero-esque leisure suits may be over, but polyester’s heyday has only just begun. From dress pants to scarves, the controversial synthetic is as ubiquitous as…

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Could Polyester be the Next Eco-Friendly Fabric?

A recycled-polyester dress from the H&M Conscious Collection Out of all the fibers, polyester has the worst reputation—and unfairly so. I know eco-conscious people who would…

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