Pyrrha Expands Line of Recycled-Metal "Game of Thrones" Jewelry

VALAR MORGHULIS But while the show—and the books on which it’s based—are fiction, the techniques Pyrrha employs are not. The company uses the traditional art of lost-wax…

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House Martell Joins Pyrrha's "Game of Thrones" Jewelry Collection

Still mourning the death of a certain swarthy Dornishman? Hold on to your hankies because Pyrrha has added the sigil of House Martell to its line of jewelry based on HBO’s…

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Win Your Choice of Pyrrha's "Game of Thrones" Talisman Necklaces!

Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones fans: A winner is coming. We’ve forged an alliance with Pyrrha to give away one of its officially licensed necklaces based on the hit HBO TV…

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Pyrrha's Recycled-Metal "Game of Thrones" Jewelry is Coming

WIN OR DIE “We were thrilled when HBO approached us to create an official Game of Thrones jewelry line,” says Pyrrha designer Wade Papin, who employs the traditional art of lost-wax…

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14 Eco-Friendly Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day

CONVERSATION HEARTS Get the last word edgewise by inscribing a name, phrase, or family in-joke on one of Erica Weiner’s deadstock brass necklaces from the ’70s. Gift of the…

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