Queen Elizabeth II

AO Textiles, Debbi Little Celebrate Diamond Jubilee With Recycled Dress

AO Textiles and British designer Debbi Little are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with a lighter-than-air commemorative silk dress. Comprising fabric remnants…

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Katharine Hamnett Feels Like an "Old Testament Prophet" Preaching to the Wilderness About Eco-Fashion

British designer Katharine Hamnett has made a career out of power political statements. (She famously greeted Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a T-shirt that said “58%…

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JCPenney Destroys Clothes, QEII a Refashionista, Target's Punky Power

A JCPenney store in Pennsylvania was caught destroying unsold clothing from its Ralph Lauren: American Living line, reputedly to protect the integrity of the House of Lauren. Did no one…

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