Ma'mitons Makes Bags, Shoes Using Leaves From Cameroon's Forests

Already a favorite among many celebrities, Ma’mitons bags and sandals are eco-friendly and ethically made by artisans in Cameroon. Founded by Priscilla Njankou, Ma’mitons works with…

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Kuba: A Congolese Fabric Handwoven From Raffia Leaves

KUBA \kü-bä\ n 1 a: Geometrically patterned cloth traditionally woven from raffia-tree leaves by the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. b: Naturally colored fabric…

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Ann & Arayata: Philanthropic Handbags Handcrafted in the Philippines

MADE BY HAND AND HEART It was Stephenson’s mother, Honorata, and her generosity of spirit that that inspired Ann & Arayata. (“Ann” is Stephenson’s middle…

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