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Vetements Designer Made Art From 17 Tons of Used Clothing

If you’ve ever wondered what 17 tons of used clothing looks like, Maja Weiss has got you covered. The Vetements designer recently held court at the Copenhagen International…

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Australian Artist Creates Tidal-Wave Sculpture From Discarded Flip-Flops

David Day, an artist from North Queensland, has transformed thousands of discarded flip-flops into a life-size tidal wave. The sculpture, which Day describes as a testament to the…

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Daria Dorosh Upcycles Clothing to Relate Fashion to Digital Culture

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle,” is a motto to live by. And now a motto to make art by. The latest reduce-and-reuse project we’re into is Daria Dorosh’s…

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7 Offbeat Eco-Fashion Accessories Made From Upcycled Circuit Boards

Fine jewelry and luxury goods may not appear to have much in common with discarded electronic innards, but look deeper and you’ll find that circuit boards are riddled with…

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