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10 Frightening Eco-Fashions That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

DEM BONES Los Angeles’s Bones and Feathers Collective creates anatomically correct jewelry by hand-dipping wax casts of fox, shark, and rattlesnake vertebrae into molten bronze…

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Emi & Eve Recycle Cambodian Bullets, Bomb Casings Into Jewelry

To Emi & Eve founder Cassandra Postema, fashion is about adorning oneself with what resonates with what is on the inside. Each item should have a story and meaning behind its…

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Bullets2Bandages Recycles Fired Military Ammunition Into Jewelry

UNDER FIRE Manion perished in 2007 while serving as a member of the Marine Corps in Iraq. His mother, Janet, used donations from his memorial fund to establish the organization, which…

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17-Year-Old Former Refugee Turns Spent Bullets into Pro-Peace Jewelry

Out of ashes comes new life and Lovetta Conto, who grew up in Ghanaian refugee camp, knows that better than most. She was only 18 months old when she fled her native Liberia with her…

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Spent Firing-Range Bullets Are Transformed into Bejeweled Rings

Violence is never pretty, but the implements of destruction themselves can possess their own twisted allure. Much like the Gun Reclamation Project rehabilitates firearms into jewelry,…

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