recycled cassette tape

Sonic Fabric Bag Made From Recycled Audio Tape Plays Music on Demand

For over a decade, interdisciplinary artist Alyce Santoro has spun recycled cassette tape into “audible textiles” that play back under a tape head. Woven on antique looms in…

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Champion Skateboarder Launches Eco-Friendly C-PAS Menswear Line

As far as career segues go, shifting gears from world champion skateboarder to eco-menswear designer might not be as huge a leap as you might think, particularly if you’re Pierre…

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Deborah Lindquist Makes "Playable" Bustiers From Recycled Cassette Tape

Photos by Glenn Campbell If there was any doubt that some things are just better in pairs (see: peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Cheech and Chong), eco-designer Deborah…

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NEW! Sonic Fabric Fedoras Made From Recycled Cassette Tape

Designers Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar have topped their recycled mix-tape neckties—quite literally—by trying their hands at high-tech millinery. Their old-school fedoras, inspired…

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