recycled fire hoses

Station Supply Turns Reclaimed Fire Hoses, Life Rafts Into Gadget Skins

No need to hold the phone; Station Supply has the gadget protection you crave. The Los Angeles-based firm uses tried-and-tested materials, including retired fire hoses, reclaimed life…

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Elvis & Kresse Makes Cuff Links From Recycled Fire Hoses

Elvis & Kresse lit our fire in 2010 when it transformed decommissioned fire hoses into high-end totes, belts, and wallets. Now, the U.K. label is turning up the heat with a set of…

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ISSI Commissions Artists to Create Colorful Bags From Recycled Fire Hoses

You know what they say: where there’s smoke, there’s gotta be fire. ISSI is one fledgling fashion label that has all five of our alarms a-clanging. For its debut collection,…

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