recycled flip-flops

Philippe Starck Designs Recycled—And Recyclable—Flip-Flops for Ipanema

Philippe Starck’s line of flip-flops for Ipanema may not make you taller, tanner, younger, or lovelier, but they’re bound to leave an “ahh” or two in their wake.…

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Australian Artist Creates Tidal-Wave Sculpture From Discarded Flip-Flops

David Day, an artist from North Queensland, has transformed thousands of discarded flip-flops into a life-size tidal wave. The sculpture, which Day describes as a testament to the…

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10 Eco-Friendly (and Vegan!) Flip-Flops to Slip Into This Summer

TREAD LIGHTLY Available in seven different colorways, the Flip X EcoTread by Chaco includes a contoured footbed for arch support, waterproof faux-leather toe posts, and a non-marking…

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Colorful Bracelets Made From Recycled Flip-Flops (And Yes, They’re Cute!)

We’ll be honest; we’ve seen some pretty janky-lookin’ merch made from recycled flip-flops. Not these multihued bangles, however. Reminiscent of jelly bracelets of…

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Drop Off Your Flip-Flops at Old Navy to Recycle Them Into Playgrounds

Stop, don’t throw out last season’s flip-flops just yet. Starting April 22, Old Navy will be hosting a monthlong drive to collect used flip-flops for TerraCycle, a…

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Chop Flops: Eco-Friendly Flip-Flops Made From Recycled Chopsticks

Just call Joseph Palmer the MacGyver of the boardwalk. For Inhabitat’s Spring Greening competition, Palmer created a pair of surf-and-sand-ready flip-flops from completely…

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