recycled kimonos

14 Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gifts to Show Pops He's Tops

SUN BLOCK Protect Pop’s peepers with a pair of fire-engine-red sunglasses from Waiting for the Sun. An update of the classic Wayfarer, the shades combine the lightweight…

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Recycled Sailcloth, Kimonos, Horse Reins Make for the Perfect Summer Tote

Susan Hoff has been manning decks of sailboats since she was 14, so what better material to use for her super-beachy line of tote bags than recycled sailcloth? But Hoff doesn’t…

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Beautiful Soul's Refashioned Kimonos Are Inspired by "Madame Butterfly"

Forget Memoirs of a Geisha; kimonos have migrated from the realm of the exotic to the wearable. Beautiful Soul, an eco-luxury label based in London, is refashioning vintage Japanese…

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