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California Designer Creates Flamenco Dress From Recycled Magazines

Adam Neeley put his jeweler’s tools aside to pull together a dress for Laguna Beach’s second annual Festival of the Arts. And not just any dress, but a floor-length flamenco…

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Tela Bags Recycles Old IKEA Catalogs Into Totes, Accessories

There’s more ways than one to take a page from IKEA’s furniture catalog. Portugal’s Tela Bags cribbed sheets from the Swedish retailer’s out-of-date tomes to…

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Recycle Your Favorite Magazines into Free Boot-Shapers (DIY Tutorial)

If you’re packing your fall and winter boots away for the summer, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded syndrome known as “boot slump,” that is, when the tops…

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Nike Turns Shredded Magazines Into Colorful Sneakers

WELL-READ If print is dead, then it can ask for no better afterlife than the Nike Women’s Premium Print Pack, a limited-edition lineup of sneakers made with strips of old…

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