recycled menswear

Formication Upcycles Scottish Mill Remnants Into Colorful Ethical Menswear

Who says recycled fabrics don’t make for cool clothes? Scotland-based fashion designer KellyDawn Riot’s new sustainable menswear collection, Formication, utilizes recycled fabrics…

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MILCH, Lenzing Repurpose Men's Shirts Into Avant-Garde Garments

MILCH has always liked to borrow from the boys, so it’s latest collaboration should come as little surprise. A veteran of “hijacking” classic men’s fashion to…

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Sir Plus: Quality Menswear Upcycled in England From "Cabbage"

CABBAGES AND KINGS Hales, who regularly dresses down to his knickers to promote his label, soon expanded his offerings to include formal and casual waistcoats, bow ties, fedoras,…

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Mrs. Jermyn Turns Castoff Men's Shirts Into Adorable Teddy Bears

Give your little one a bit of home to take with them wherever they go with one of these cool teddy bears made from Dad’s old dress shirts. Mrs. Jermyn came up with the idea after…

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This Old Thing? Upcycled Menswear

Don’t throw that old shirt away yet—it can be snipped, stitched, and remixed into the new shirt you’ve always wanted! If you need some inspiration, just look to the dudes…

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