recycled money

Angela Mathis Turns Shredded Banknotes Into Textiles, Upholstery

BIG SPENDER As if in anticipation of pearl-clutchers who may regard her choice of medium a tad sacrilegious, Mathis points out that banknotes generally circulate for a period of 18…

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Skinny Jeans Nearly Ruined America's Currency System

Photo by Shutterstock Dollar bills pass through our hands all the time, but we rarely stop to think about where the money comes from. In the late 1800s, when a single currency system…

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Tine De Ruysser Makes Fabulous Origami Jewelry Out of Banknotes

The next time someone tells you to show ’em the money, turn them on to Tine De Ruysser’s artfully folded origami necklaces and bracelets—made from actual banknotes.…

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